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Trustworthy Armed Security Services

Armed security is necessary for more secure situations. If your business or property is a target for violence or theft, you may opt for an armed security service. This type of property may include buildings that are subject to terrorist attacks, buildings with low security presence, or neighborhoods where theft and burglary are regular issues.

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Armed security guards have the training, experience, and authority to use force if necessary. They must also possess the right temperament and use sound judgement to know when and how to use force. You can put your trust in Coal Region Consulting & Investigations LLC to ensure our armed security guards provide service with the highest level of professionalism.

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How to Decide Between Armed vs. Unarmed Security

It can be difficult to choose between armed or unarmed security. You should first ask yourself what your primary security goal is. If you're concerned about potential attacks and guest safety, armed security is the best option. Armed security guards provide thorough and proactive security.

You also do not want to unnecessarily intimidate guests with the presence of armed security guards. Consider the message you're looking to send to your workers, customers, or passersby. You could also be opening yourself up to potential liability should an incident occur.

Finally, consider your budget. Hiring an armed guard is more of an investment than hiring an unarmed guard. This is due to the level of training and experience required of armed security guards, along with licensing requirements and insurance costs. Cost alone should not sway your decision to opt for under-protection. The cost of hiring armed security is much less than the potential losses from operating an under-protected facility.

Industries That Benefit from Our Security Services

  • Jewelry stores
  • Antique shops
  • Art galleries
  • Financial institutions
  • Transportation Services
  • Construction sites
  • Hotels and motels
  • Manufacturing plants

  • Retail operations, supermarkets, and large stores
  • Entertainment facilities including movie theaters
  • Apartments and gated communities
  • Warehouses and other facilities
  • Commercial buildings
  • Corporate properties
  • Hospitals and medical facilities 
  • Auto dealerships

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