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Effective Internal and External Corporate Investigations

Turn to Coal Region Consulting & Investigations LLC to conduct effective internal and external corporate investigations. Our services range from investigating drug use in the workplace to ensuring expense accounts are not being abused.

Corporate investigation has been increasing in popularity throughout corporate America for both civil and criminal activities relating to a company or organization. Rely on our private investigators to have the experience and expertise to handle a range of investigative tasks and risk management issues on behalf of your organization.

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We have experience with a long list of possible allegations, including civil and criminal fraud, non-compliance of non-disclosure agreements, patent infringement, embezzlement, accounting irregularities, cybercrime, political campaign investigation, and more. You can come to us for both internal and external investigations.

We can look into internal events and activities such as drug use, theft, sexual harassment, or misuse of social media/websites; or external events and activities including vendor billing irregularities, patent infringement, or criminal activities related to partnerships. We may conduct interviews, computer searches, social networking research, court testimony, pre-employment screening, trial support, or surveillance. Undercover investigators can also pose on-site as employees in order to complete the investigation.

You can also come to us to mitigate corporate losses. We can reduce unnecessary work compensation claims and employee theft by obtaining information from company witnesses. Contact us today for a FREE consultation on your corporate investigation needs! We provide immediate response for your convenience.

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